Destroying alcohol and churches in Kassab under NATO watch; Turkey blocks YouTube over leaked plans for possible staged incident

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The Armenian Christian town of Kassab in Syria, which sits on the border with Turkey, was recently “liberated” by rebel forces, including Jabhat-Al Nusra, which is officially designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Dept.

Kassab is the location of the last regime controlled border crossing with Turkey – a crossing that has now fallen into the hands of the rebels. First order of business for the rebels?: the destruction of alcohol (see photo above which is being circulated on Twitter) and the ransacking of churches (see photo just below). Syria analyst Joshua Landis had this caption accompanying his link to the photo on Twitter: “Abu Qtada al Masri tweets pictures of his rebel friend destroying crucifixes inside Kassab church”:

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Watch the following RT Arabic report: Kassab Armenian refugees describe how Turkey helped Jihadists take their villages.

Do you find their claims hard to believe? Multiple Syria analysts are currently circulating video footage of the Kassab border crossing which shows Al-Nusra terrorists flowing across it freely into Syria. Watch the video here.

Turkey, a NATO country, has given Al-Qaeda open access to Syria and there is now undeniable video footage confirming what many us have been saying for a long time now.

Today, this has exploded into a massive Turkish scandal, resulting in Youtube being blocked in Turkey nationwide. Read this excerpt from “Turkish government blocks Youtube after recording is leaked” in the LA TIMES:

Turkey blocked access to YouTube on Thursday, hours after a recording of a sensitive national security meeting was leaked by an anonymous user on the video sharing site. Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency confirmed the ban as an “administrative decision” by the Turkish Telecommunications Authority, while the Foreign Ministry issued a statement promising the “heaviest punishment possible” against the source of the leaks.

See a translation of the first part of the high level leak here.

In the leaked tape a false flag operation against Syria is discussed. It involves:

  • Foreign Minister Ahmet Davudoğlu
  • Head of Turkish Intelligence MIT Hakan Fidan
  • Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry Feridun Sinirlioğlu
  • General Yaşar Güler

Here is Moon of Alabama’s summary of the contents of preliminary translations:

  • Fidan offers Davutoglu to send men into Syria to fire missiles on Turkey.
  • After Davutoglu rejects that, Fidan offers to bomb the tomb of Süleyman Shah.
  • Talk about the needs of the Jihadists which is more about ammunition than guns.
  • Fidan states that they have delivered 2,000 truckloads of weapons to the insurgents.
  • Davutoglu says Kerry had asked if the Turks would invade Syria and had pressed for it to do so.
  • Davutoglu also says they have plans for a no-fly zone over Syria and have delivered such plans to NATO.
  • Davutoglu assures Fidan that Erdogan has agreed to all the plans.
  • Fidan says things do not go well for the insurgents and that Turkey has send a general to help them.

Beginning of tape transcript…

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu: “Prime Minister said that in current conjuncture, this attack (on Suleiman Shah Tomb) must be seen as an opportunity for us.”

Head of Turkish Intelligence Hakan Fidan: “I’ll send 4 men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.”

Read what’s been translated of the leak so far…



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