Renewed Armenian Genocide?: Armenians in the Levant Make International Plea for Help

Cartoon by Lucine Kasbarian. Used with permission.

Decades from now, all over the world, younger generations will have no idea what jewels of civilization once existed.

Lucine Kasbarian, syndicated journalist, author, and political cartoonist

From the Cairo based AL-AHRAM WEEKLY:

A brutal three-day attack by Al-Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front and Ansar Al-Sham started early Friday morning, 21 March, and took the lives of 80 people. Rebels crossed the Turkish border and attacked Armenians living in Kessab, looted and occupied their homes and stores. The majority of the population of Kessab was evacuated by community leaders to safer villages.

On Tuesday night, Armenians of Kessab made an appeal to Armenians across the world:

“This is a call to all Armenians. This is a call to humanity. The world needs to hear the truth. Erdogan and his government are war criminals. We need your help. We need you to take action. Our lives depend on the chance that you will do something to make sure we too don’t die. We were forced out of our homes and our town with nothing but the clothes we wear. If we stayed to gather even the bare necessities, we would have definitely died. Most of us cannot even escape because we don’t have our passports or documents of identification. Please, invoke the intervention of your governments, of the UN, of any other authority that you believe can help us. All we want to do is live. If you ignore this, we all will die a horrible death at the hands of these terrorists, by being butchered in cold blood like many other Armenians in Aleppo, Yacoubiyeh, Ghenemiyeh and around Syria. If Kessab people were not informed to leave their houses, the world would have silently witnessed yet another genocide and stood by while the media gave them yet another version of lies.”

2 thoughts on “Renewed Armenian Genocide?: Armenians in the Levant Make International Plea for Help

    1. Thanks for the contact info Lucine. Part of what has always made Syria such a beautiful place is its ethnic and religious pluralism. This is being threatened, and people that have no political role in this whole thing are suffering horribly!

      This is an issue that Americans should make noise about – contact your Congressman! The answer is NOT to mindlessly send more weapons to rebel groups.

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