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Levant Report is an initiative of Texans for Sane Foreign Policy – a grassroots network of Texas professionals who are deeply alarmed by what Washington is doing in the Middle East. The LR Editors are primarily made up of educators – at the university and high school levels – which have lived, studied, and traveled extensively in the region.

Direct exposure to the people, culture, and histories of Levant states has led us to the conclusion that the only way to gain any true knowledge of Mid-East events and American foreign policy in the region is to self-educate, and to seek alternative sources of knowledge away from normative channels of propaganda. As the editors of Antiwar.com point out, there is a pressing need in our country for “citizen experts” who are constantly on guard against the lies and inaccuracies of the state and state-influenced media.

Together with Plato, may we seek to ascend from the cave of illusions and shadows into the light of truth.


BRAD HOFF is Managing Editor of Levant Report. He is a former Marine and has taught ancient and modern history at various schools across Texas – both at the college and high school levels. Brad has lived and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, spending most of his time in Syria prior to the 2011 uprising.

TIMOTHY HECKENLIVELY, PhD teaches Classics at a major central Texas university. He has spent more than a year and a half living and traveling throughout Syria, especially among its Christian communities. He lived and studied in Maaloula for much of this time.

ERICK ALVAREZ is a native of El Salvador, but since the 80’s has made Texas his home. He is an educator that has taught at several Dallas-Fort Worth area and East Texas institutions, and has guest lectured in university classrooms on American foreign policy in Central America. Over the past decade he has lived for short periods in Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Greece, and Russia.

TERRY COWAN is an East Texas businessman.  He also teaches History at Tyler Junior College and the University of Texas at Tyler.  Terry travels extensively in the Balkans, the Levant and the Caucasus nations.

ZAC WINGERD, PhD has taught at various colleges across Texas and currently teaches US and World History at a major central Texas university.  He has spent a significant amount time abroad in Europe, Russia, and Turkey.