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  1. Mainstream Media Propaganda says:

    “Let’s talk to Assad” -Chancellor Merkel
    US Government publicly slams Volkswagen the very next day. Why??

  2. Please forgive me. I’ve been brainwashed by CNN, FOX, BBC, MSNBC, and Talk Radio

    Marketing the Terror and Global Warming narrative over and over 24/7.

  3. Attention: Brad Hoff
    Dear Brad,
    I have just read your article A MARINE IN SYRIA.
    Finally, a refreshing, unbiased report!
    Thank you for your time and congratulations on a quality which has
    become a rarity in the news media nowadays: integrity.
    Please allow me to take this opportunity to call your attention
    to the following:

    Qalamoon, not Qalaman.

    “The popular chant routinely echoed in rebel dominated areas of Syria is “Christians to Lebanon and Alawites to the sea… ”

    The colloquial Arabic original rhymes:
    المسيحيّة عابيروت – العلويّة عالتّابوت
    lmaseehiyeh 3abeirut, l3alawiyeh 3attaaboot

    Literally translated:
    Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the coffin.

    God bless you, Friend of Syria and of the Truth.
    Fr. A. Alam
    (A retired Melkite Catholic priest of the Eparchy of Newton, MA
    Originally from Maarrat Saidnaya, suburb of Damascus)

  4. Mr. Brad Hoff,

    Your articles are excellent and show a different view of what is going on in the ground. In the spirit of different viewpoints, here is an article I came across that I think you and your colleagues will find very interesting from the US Army West Point Sentinel.

    Syria’s Sunnis and the Regime’s Resilience

  5. Richard C. Koury says:

    Thank you all for the work you are doing, our government is out of control & or out of touch. Special thanks to Brad Hoff for his description of life in Syria before the conspiracy.
    God bless you all!

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