Nir Rosen’s Proposed Plan for Ending War in Syria is still the Best and Most Realistic

This talk, titled “How can a Regional Accord Help End the War in Syria?” was delivered in May 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. While the presentation hasn’t been widely viewed, Nir Rosen’s 55-page written findings were circulated among U.S. government policy officials. Foreign Policy Magazine featured Rosen’s proposal for a locally and regionally driven peace in an article, “Re-writing Syria’s War.”

With the refugee crisis in Europe pushing some like David Cameron to renew calls for heightened Western military intervention in Syria, and others to explore avenues of negotiation and peace, Rosen’s plan is still the most realistic for saving lives and keeping the entire region from burning and fragmenting.

But are the NATO and Gulf states really interested in peace? So long as the answer remains “no” it is clear the leaders of these countries have no concern whatsoever for a single refugee.

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